Friday, November 1, 2013

I've been an slack blogger...but an awesome mumma!

Hi all,
Sorry for being in hiatus! It's been a challenge to say the least, but I don't like to write something just to fill a gap, so to speak.

Anyway, Hi to all the new readers! Please leave comments to know that I'm not just rambling into space....
I'm not sure where or how you found me, (was it Instagram?, cause I know that's where I've been finding a lot of amazing talented people!)
But you're here, and I thank you for reading!

Well as for my online shopping challenge, which was supposed to be for 6 months, I can proudly say I failed! I'll be honest, I didn't really think it through....with a now more active bubs and very limited time, sometimes even shopping online is hard!
I hadn't bought anything new except some Bonds trackies, but I have a few parties coming up with Christmas around the corner, and that leaves me to have to rush to the shops leaving bubs with Dadda, so the 15 minutes I get to myself can be dangerous!
And there still quite few retailers that do not sell online, which can make a challenge like this hard!
I can report however, I have managed to clean out my wardrobe, and finally have pieces which I love and then add seasonal touches to it.

I have also been busy trying to get my photography work back on track, and have been on a few shoots (more details to come!) which are exciting and inspiring.

You can follow me on Instagram, to see more of what I'm up to....mlrodrigues19 - see you there!

P.s The kids playroom is still in planning mode, items soon to be purchased! I will post photos when completed!

P.p.s I'm also planning bubba's christening, and those party details will be shared very soon!


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What has been bought so far...

Online shopping update...
So I'm nearly 3 months into my self set online shopping (for clothes) challenge..
3 months left!
Other than previously posted I have nabbed these basics...

I got 2 of these at the bargain price of $7.50 each! Both in winter white (cream).

Love this t shirt! So easy and on trend, and for $10each! White and Grey.

I bought again white and grey in the singlet, but I actually thought the fabric was looser than it was. But have found I'm wearing it a bit, especially since I'm still feeding babe...
These were $10 each too.
All items from Supre.

And these babies from eBay, which I have added a few rips etc....

On another note I have been finding it easier to buy things online, but a lot of my usual fashion haunts do not sell online, making it very hard to go to the shops and not be tempted! Speaking of Temt, along with Valleygirl, both sell great on trend pieces, but sadly not online.
As the weather gets warmer, I have been looking forward to heading to Camberwell Market. But again this can be a gold mine for clothes (second hand and new) so it will certainly make the challenge hard!
I have purchased a few baby related items, and am currently planning to change our spare room into a playroom, so I have been stalking a few interior design sites for inspiration. So no doubt there may be a few online purchases for that!
I'll post the plans at a later date, as the room still has junk in it!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shopping update!

Well it's month 2, and so far I have only bought the white loose t shirt, and a pair of witchery cargos from eBay. (Which are a tad too small thanks to post baby body!) oh and my lovely bag from asos!

Shoes don't count right? I did say online only for clothes....
I tend to be more picky with shoes so don't buy many anyway! Although I am currently lusting after these babies - thanks to Tash Sefton (keep reading) and seed heritage!

Oh I have been tempted, many a time, but my determination to stay true to my word has held me back.
Even Hubby has tried to tempt me.

What I am finding though is that I have taken away the impulse but the desire of the item is still there.
Melbourne weather is also a contributing factor. It's soo inconsistent that, looking at all the amazing styles for summer, you get turned off in a milli second due to it being cold outside!

Well, it has been interesting though. Most retailers, purely exists online, which opens a whole other can of worms - shipping costs, return costs, and quality of fabric. Harder to tell this online, even with a zoom option! But of course is means fashion that not everybody is wearing.

There are still some retailers that do not sell online. I can see why. It would be a logistical nightmare, and sometimes make the cost of things go up. But that's the appeal to go into store, and usually purchase more. That old trick! It is clever though, dated but clever.

I have found a new world out there and actually feel a little daring to try new styles that I normally would shy away from. Thanks to Instagram!

Oh this wonderful app, has changed my world! I can see real people wearing styles or trends, I can see into their homes which have been carefully manicured and styled. And I can find out where to find these amazing items!
It's like mini blogs in pictures!
So I urge you, if you are not on Instagram, to get onto it!
It's all very inspiring and exciting!

Some I am following are:
tashsefton - she loves her denim and can wear it well.
erikarax - simple, pure crisp photos of her love of everyday things.
emmaduckworthstylist - food stylist and decorator, beautiful images of her projects or daily life.
soulstudiohome - interior designer, Angela Steyn. Amazing photos of her family, and designs.
interiorsaddict - Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict blog. Also founded #7vignettes, which is amazing and where I found most of the talent!
Anyway thanks for reading, please let me know if you enjoy my ramblings by leaving a comment.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Online Shopping Update

Hi readers!

Update - Day 6: I found THE classic white loose 3/4 sleeve t shirt !!


From Sussan - for the ah-maze-ing price of $29.95 - Free postage!!
It came wrapped in tissue with a lovely soft cotton bag, fit was perfect, and fabric a lovely soft cotton jersey. If there were any issues it could be returned to any store for exchange or refund.

And whilst on my search for the T-shirt I found a few more blogs to watch, and a a few more website to buy from!

Another purchase ensued, this time from Asos.

This lovely will be making its way on my arm soon.

It is Warehouse but purchased via Asos. I only looked at Warehouse's web site after my purchase, but they do a flat rate postage to Australia of $10.00.

It's a leather beauty and looks big enough for all the Bebe's stuff!

Well I've done the hard part - entering the digits and hitting buy.

Normally, I will trawl the shopping centre to look at all the options, and the return to the store to buy it, if I love it enough. Or it's on sale.

So to invest the time and I don't have plenty of it at the moment with an 8 week old baby, but the 5.30am feeds prove to be the best time to hunt online. So the searching began with my classic sites, like witchery, Country Road (by the way, had a great option too), Sportsgirl etc.

Instagram also helped in the search. I was able to stalk peoples likes to find new blogs to then find great sites.

So now onto the next thing to stock up my post baby wardrobe:
Classic Khaki Green cargo pants/jeans!

Happy online hunting/buying readers!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Online only shopping update

Day 3: Purchases - 0
In store temptations, many! I walked away, committed to this challenge.

I am seeking a white long sleeve loose T Shirt, is that soo hard to find??
Apparently so.
The issue I face is not being able to see the fabric, thus it could lead to disaster in showing way too much than publicly acceptable.

Another issue I'm finding, is that in order to reduce the postage cost, you generally HAVE to purchase more than one item.
Postage is damn costly! Australia Post need to look at cheaper options or discounts for companies, to entice online shopping.
I have been recommended by friends who have previously bought items from these sites.

Here are some so far, new ones and good old classic stores.

eBay - seller:ekoclo
The Iconic
Cotton On
Asos (UK,USA)
Dorothy Perkins (UK)
Boden (UK)
Sheinside (US)

What's your favourite online clothing or home wares store?

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Monday, June 17, 2013

A (on-line) hunting we will go....

So I have toyed with the idea of only buying clothes on-line for 6 months....
Crazy? Maybe.
Considering most of my clothing purchases are all impulse or I've been stalking it to go on sale.
I have bought from before, and love the items. But to venture onto to other sites...I must admit I am scared.

So from July 1st I will only purchase from online stores, and I will report them here.
As part of my 'social experiment' I will look at sizing, value, fit, postage and costs, and see if I save money from not impulse buying.
As much as I love going into a store, looking around, picking up items, the visual excitement of the store windows and presentation of products, I will see if there is really merit in on-line shopping.
I am also in wonderment if purchasing items for the home can also be satisfied via on-line....stay tuned!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A long time in the making.....

So for those that do read my rambles, I am now 35 weeks pregnant and have been busy baking the bub, working mostly full time hours, which leaves me little to no time to be creative. However I have managed to squeeze in a helping hand for my friend Di from Paper and Style Co. with a wedding expo and a market or three! So check out her web site for my photos of her amazing styling!
BUT I have been busy decorating, and perfecting the nursery, and am finally able to share it with you.

The colours for inspiration - we ended up using Dovetail Grey from Taubmans

The tape required to paint the striped wall - my dear husband was reluctant to say the least when I said I wanted a striped wall, but for my birthday, along with a beautiful card, I was given this tape! Some might not think very romantic, but for me it was the sweetest thing ever! And the wall looks amazing!

Finished product! Exactly as I imagined.
As for the furniture, I was very lucky to be given a change table and cot. I sourced some drawers of eBay for a bargain price of $20! but of course I imagined them white, so again hubby had to bring out the paint, and even he is proud of his painting and now likes the pieces white.

Didn't get a photo of the cot as it was in pieces, but it was a similar colour to the other pieces.

Along with a shelf like this, bought from Target.

And then I had seen online (in the states of course) a chevron grey and yellow valance/cot skirt. So the hunt began for the fabric at a reasonable price, right shade, and easy to sew fabric. I finally after lots of research, found it at $22.00 a metre at - a great quilting store in Geelong.

The finished valance, inspired by Pottery Barn Kids and Carousel Designs

The finished cot

Yellow rug bought from Target well before bubs, but I just knew I'd use it one day!

Lamp also from Target, and crochet owl from a local market.

The beautiful frame of Peter Rabbit, was a gift.

Moses basket from Mothercare, knitted patchwork blanket from old jumpers I had cut up to make this blanket.

Bird mobile, still a work in progress, will be hung above the change table.

Well I hope I have inspired at least one of you! Now that I will be home a little more, stay tuned for regular posts!
Thank you for reading!
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