Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shopping update!

Well it's month 2, and so far I have only bought the white loose t shirt, and a pair of witchery cargos from eBay. (Which are a tad too small thanks to post baby body!) oh and my lovely bag from asos!

Shoes don't count right? I did say online only for clothes....
I tend to be more picky with shoes so don't buy many anyway! Although I am currently lusting after these babies - thanks to Tash Sefton (keep reading) and seed heritage!

Oh I have been tempted, many a time, but my determination to stay true to my word has held me back.
Even Hubby has tried to tempt me.

What I am finding though is that I have taken away the impulse but the desire of the item is still there.
Melbourne weather is also a contributing factor. It's soo inconsistent that, looking at all the amazing styles for summer, you get turned off in a milli second due to it being cold outside!

Well, it has been interesting though. Most retailers, purely exists online, which opens a whole other can of worms - shipping costs, return costs, and quality of fabric. Harder to tell this online, even with a zoom option! But of course is means fashion that not everybody is wearing.

There are still some retailers that do not sell online. I can see why. It would be a logistical nightmare, and sometimes make the cost of things go up. But that's the appeal to go into store, and usually purchase more. That old trick! It is clever though, dated but clever.

I have found a new world out there and actually feel a little daring to try new styles that I normally would shy away from. Thanks to Instagram!

Oh this wonderful app, has changed my world! I can see real people wearing styles or trends, I can see into their homes which have been carefully manicured and styled. And I can find out where to find these amazing items!
It's like mini blogs in pictures!
So I urge you, if you are not on Instagram, to get onto it!
It's all very inspiring and exciting!

Some I am following are:
tashsefton - she loves her denim and can wear it well.
erikarax - simple, pure crisp photos of her love of everyday things.
emmaduckworthstylist - food stylist and decorator, beautiful images of her projects or daily life.
soulstudiohome - interior designer, Angela Steyn. Amazing photos of her family, and designs.
interiorsaddict - Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict blog. Also founded #7vignettes, which is amazing and where I found most of the talent!
Anyway thanks for reading, please let me know if you enjoy my ramblings by leaving a comment.
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  1. I love those Seed shoes!

    1. Thanks for declaring your love for the shoes too!
      They are limited stock available via seed website or www.theyallhateus.com!