Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Online Shopping Update

Hi readers!

Update - Day 6: I found THE classic white loose 3/4 sleeve t shirt !!


From Sussan - www.sussan.com.au for the ah-maze-ing price of $29.95 - Free postage!!
It came wrapped in tissue with a lovely soft cotton bag, fit was perfect, and fabric a lovely soft cotton jersey. If there were any issues it could be returned to any store for exchange or refund.

And whilst on my search for the T-shirt I found a few more blogs to watch, and a a few more website to buy from!

Another purchase ensued, this time from Asos.

This lovely will be making its way on my arm soon.

It is Warehouse but purchased via Asos. I only looked at Warehouse's web site after my purchase, but they do a flat rate postage to Australia of $10.00.

It's a leather beauty and looks big enough for all the Bebe's stuff!

Well I've done the hard part - entering the digits and hitting buy.

Normally, I will trawl the shopping centre to look at all the options, and the return to the store to buy it, if I love it enough. Or it's on sale.

So to invest the time and I don't have plenty of it at the moment with an 8 week old baby, but the 5.30am feeds prove to be the best time to hunt online. So the searching began with my classic sites, like witchery, Country Road (by the way, had a great option too), Sportsgirl etc.

Instagram also helped in the search. I was able to stalk peoples likes to find new blogs to then find great sites.

So now onto the next thing to stock up my post baby wardrobe:
Classic Khaki Green cargo pants/jeans!

Happy online hunting/buying readers!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Online only shopping update

Day 3: Purchases - 0
In store temptations, many! I walked away, committed to this challenge.

I am seeking a white long sleeve loose T Shirt, is that soo hard to find??
Apparently so.
The issue I face is not being able to see the fabric, thus it could lead to disaster in showing way too much than publicly acceptable.

Another issue I'm finding, is that in order to reduce the postage cost, you generally HAVE to purchase more than one item.
Postage is damn costly! Australia Post need to look at cheaper options or discounts for companies, to entice online shopping.
I have been recommended by friends who have previously bought items from these sites.

Here are some so far, new ones and good old classic stores.

eBay - seller:ekoclo
The Iconic
Cotton On
Asos (UK,USA)
Dorothy Perkins (UK)
Boden (UK)
Sheinside (US)

What's your favourite online clothing or home wares store?

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