Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Online only shopping update

Day 3: Purchases - 0
In store temptations, many! I walked away, committed to this challenge.

I am seeking a white long sleeve loose T Shirt, is that soo hard to find??
Apparently so.
The issue I face is not being able to see the fabric, thus it could lead to disaster in showing way too much than publicly acceptable.

Another issue I'm finding, is that in order to reduce the postage cost, you generally HAVE to purchase more than one item.
Postage is damn costly! Australia Post need to look at cheaper options or discounts for companies, to entice online shopping.
I have been recommended by friends who have previously bought items from these sites.

Here are some so far, new ones and good old classic stores.

eBay - seller:ekoclo
The Iconic
Cotton On
Asos (UK,USA)
Dorothy Perkins (UK)
Boden (UK)
Sheinside (US)

What's your favourite online clothing or home wares store?

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  1. What a great challenge! I do like to shop online for the convenience, but I really get more than a shopping fix at retail stores. I am always inspired by the window display, or in-store styling.
    I hope you can achieve your challenge, and look forward to checking out all your online links!

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