Monday, June 17, 2013

A (on-line) hunting we will go....

So I have toyed with the idea of only buying clothes on-line for 6 months....
Crazy? Maybe.
Considering most of my clothing purchases are all impulse or I've been stalking it to go on sale.
I have bought from before, and love the items. But to venture onto to other sites...I must admit I am scared.

So from July 1st I will only purchase from online stores, and I will report them here.
As part of my 'social experiment' I will look at sizing, value, fit, postage and costs, and see if I save money from not impulse buying.
As much as I love going into a store, looking around, picking up items, the visual excitement of the store windows and presentation of products, I will see if there is really merit in on-line shopping.
I am also in wonderment if purchasing items for the home can also be satisfied via on-line....stay tuned!

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