Friday, November 1, 2013

I've been an slack blogger...but an awesome mumma!

Hi all,
Sorry for being in hiatus! It's been a challenge to say the least, but I don't like to write something just to fill a gap, so to speak.

Anyway, Hi to all the new readers! Please leave comments to know that I'm not just rambling into space....
I'm not sure where or how you found me, (was it Instagram?, cause I know that's where I've been finding a lot of amazing talented people!)
But you're here, and I thank you for reading!

Well as for my online shopping challenge, which was supposed to be for 6 months, I can proudly say I failed! I'll be honest, I didn't really think it through....with a now more active bubs and very limited time, sometimes even shopping online is hard!
I hadn't bought anything new except some Bonds trackies, but I have a few parties coming up with Christmas around the corner, and that leaves me to have to rush to the shops leaving bubs with Dadda, so the 15 minutes I get to myself can be dangerous!
And there still quite few retailers that do not sell online, which can make a challenge like this hard!
I can report however, I have managed to clean out my wardrobe, and finally have pieces which I love and then add seasonal touches to it.

I have also been busy trying to get my photography work back on track, and have been on a few shoots (more details to come!) which are exciting and inspiring.

You can follow me on Instagram, to see more of what I'm up to....mlrodrigues19 - see you there!

P.s The kids playroom is still in planning mode, items soon to be purchased! I will post photos when completed!

P.p.s I'm also planning bubba's christening, and those party details will be shared very soon!


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