Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What has been bought so far...

Online shopping update...
So I'm nearly 3 months into my self set online shopping (for clothes) challenge..
3 months left!
Other than previously posted I have nabbed these basics...

I got 2 of these at the bargain price of $7.50 each! Both in winter white (cream).

Love this t shirt! So easy and on trend, and for $10each! White and Grey.

I bought again white and grey in the singlet, but I actually thought the fabric was looser than it was. But have found I'm wearing it a bit, especially since I'm still feeding babe...
These were $10 each too.
All items from Supre.

And these babies from eBay, which I have added a few rips etc....

On another note I have been finding it easier to buy things online, but a lot of my usual fashion haunts do not sell online, making it very hard to go to the shops and not be tempted! Speaking of Temt, along with Valleygirl, both sell great on trend pieces, but sadly not online.
As the weather gets warmer, I have been looking forward to heading to Camberwell Market. But again this can be a gold mine for clothes (second hand and new) so it will certainly make the challenge hard!
I have purchased a few baby related items, and am currently planning to change our spare room into a playroom, so I have been stalking a few interior design sites for inspiration. So no doubt there may be a few online purchases for that!
I'll post the plans at a later date, as the room still has junk in it!

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