Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fur Babes

I wouldn't usually think or refer to fur babes as 'stylist's' assistant, nor would I recommend getting one!
These are my two little 'helpers', Amy Moss from EatDrinkChic has a dog called Sukie, who I think is my fur babe's sister! Oh my gosh they look alike...and from what the amazing Amy describes, they act the same too! 
Mackenzie, who is now 3 years old and is a Bull Mastiff x English Mastiff, and certainly has some kooky habits and has a slight fear of the ironing board! We have no idea why, but we think its the squeaky sound it makes when being expanded.
Lulubelle is a Pomeranian x Jack Russell and a perfect model most of the time, but as she is getting older and at 13,  she doesn't appear to have the patience as she used too! She would much prefer belly rubs now days.
It could be that  Mack always 'helps' with the photo shoots..

From that cute face and those eyes...

 Getting bigger and slowly making friends

 To this!

 Mackenzie loves her Snooki bunny

 Lulubelle was 11 here, but still cute and looking like a pup!

 Now they can't be apart from each other for very long, and the small one rules the roost.



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