Saturday, September 15, 2012 love or hate?

Ok so I get the impression most actual stylists and interior designers don't like Ikea.
But I stumbled upon Emily Henderson's blog,, an American Stylist and Interior Designer, and amongst her taste for amazing pieces she does like, maybe love, a few Ikea pieces. I have also recently discovered there is a plethora of Ikea DIY type ideas on Pinterest, and really, who doesn't love to either make something or buy something they love, it completes the room, or is the perfect object for the photo shoot, at a bargain price! And that's where Ikea comes in.
I admit I kinda love Ikea, yes I know it's mass produced, but you can make it your 'own' by painting, distressing, etc. They really do have some amazing ideas, and make is easy for those that have no inkling of how to put pieces together.
Anyway, this Ikea magazine came in my mail box the other day. I must say, I was impressed. I have taken some pictures of some of the things that jumped out at me. Hopefully it inspires you too!

In love with the classic wing back chair.

DIY ottoman, with instructions!

Butterfly print, flora print, I'm thinking great pieces for kids rooms, or just because!

Great mix of old and new, with your favorite or vintage crochet table cloths as a valance.

Love this quote!


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  1. Going to ikea this week,must admit it scares me a little cause its so easy to pick up clever little things along the way that we all just cannot go home without. Ends up costing way more than anticipated!