Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet Little Indulgences

I LOVE packaging! Especially when they are products I enjoy! Most of the time it is the packaging that has drawn me to them but here are a few products that I use almost daily, and I consider sweet little indulgences!

I HEART Tea - Especially T2!!
As much as I love Spring/Summer (see previous post), I will miss the little winter luxuries that I indulge in. Baking a fresh batch of muffins, and having a hot cup of tea with them!
I will certainly still have tea all year round but not keen on baking when it's 36 degrees outside!
This yummy batch was cinnamon crunch and T2 Madagascan Vanilla tea

Another winter indulgence to me is a nice hot bath!
With their amazingly designed package range is the MOR Bath, Beauty, Body and Home Products are divine and always get a gush from the lucky person receiving a gift from the range.

 Of course a good glass of wine and a book help with the relaxation!

And last but not least - Aesop Products.
I LOVE LOVE the complete range - Each store is designed differently but the products are the same range. Clever themes for their travel and gift packs, but above all simple, and effective labels and clear clean bottles, backed up by products that work, smell amazing, and work!
I look forward every night to washing my make up's my therapy!

With organic ingredients such as chamomile, rosemary, and lavender, I'm already indulged!



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