Monday, June 25, 2012

Creative Block

So I'm back...not that I went anywhere exciting! No overseas holidays, just home, a place dear to my heart.
I have had a few personal hurdles to overcome this past few months. One being made redundant from my full time job! A Blogger's dream I hear you shout! Well yes time wise, but not money wise!
Speaking of earning money, I did attend Naffnangs Fashionolpolis - a inspiring seminar aimed at the fashion bloggers and how the avenues they can take to monetize their blogs. It was just what I needed to reassure that I'm not stark raving mad and that I can actually do THIS and aspire to at least top up the bank balance to support a bower bird habit!

So I have embarked on a journey to re-inspire myself! And you creative's know this cannot be pushed especially in times of adversity!

First off: Go seek awesomeness, prettiness and beautiful things!
I went to Queen Vic market, and a wander through the city, (trying not to spend money) and made sure I took my camera!
I found a good dose of macarons help overcome the dull drums and re centre my mind to go on and do beautiful things, both out ward and inward.

David Jones Food Hall

All photos by me taken on my trusty iPhone using the hipstamatic app.

Second: Go be with oneself to recollect thoughts and find thy creative heart!
I have literally spent hours looking at others inspiration boards, mood boards, blog's and magazines. It can get pretty lonely, but then the little rumble starts.....and I get the urge to make something, find something, or help some one else find something! So I committed to myself to finish a project started ah hum about 2 years ago! Yes I know, that's a long time. Well I had borrowed a staple gun and was not able to find the staples after moving to re fill it! It took Hubby to help get things moving but we did it and they look awesome!

The chairs were free, from a place I worked at years ago. At the time they were a hideous purple, so of course they needed to be covered. They are actually a comfortable chair and a great height for little ones who visit us.

Thirdly: Surround thy self with other creative's!
I messaged my friend Di, from Paper and Style Co (see her awesome store at Big Cartel!) who lives close by and I'm pretty sure we will be hanging around each other a bit, unless she tells me to bugger off, but she seriously rocked my world today! Not only did she get up early to come to Camberwell market with me, but she listened to my crazy ideas and matched them with her search for Pirate inspired goodies for her son's upcoming 7th birthday party!
Of which normally when looking for something, you can't find it. But we found and saw some great stuff and it will not go to waste!
So here's my haul -
Dinosaurs were a good buy for my dinosaur mad nephew, at 3 for $5.00 and the cutest vintage suitcase at $10.

And these awesome pieces to add to my wardrobe (not that is was lacking)

Total for the clothes and scarf was $23.00!! I love a bargain, but love when something inspires me more!

We both could have gone crazy buying stuff left right and centre, and faced divorce from both our husbands. Although only being married for 6 months, I have some ground to cover!
After her showing me her studio, pretty much her whole house, it is just awesome and inspiring! So much so, I stopped off at our local shopping centre on the way home, bought a cork board, few magazines (yes I found white bridal magazine) and have plans for my now study but going to 'share' it with hubby and make it my zone. Well it might go across the whole house, eventually.
I'm not going to promise to post regularly but more when I actually have something inspiring to share!


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  1. Hey! Great post! Camberwell was fun, must do it again, I was very good-didnt spend to much at all. You got some great pieces.
    I am so happy to have a helping hand in re-igniting your creative spell.