Thursday, March 15, 2012

Long time no post...a year in the making, the 'big' day...

My sincere apologies for the lack of posts...
At this time last year I actaully had every intention to post every week, however I had no idea wedding planning could be so darn comsuming! Especially when you want to design, plan and make the special touches yourself! I did have a fair bit of help to some wonderful friends, family and of course my dear hubby!
I have listed the websites for those of you about to embark on the wedding planning journey!

Most pictures are by Will at T-One Images 
or me, so you can contact me if you are interested in work by either of us!

p.s - I have a big year in store for this blog, so stay subscribed!
p.p.s - the only pictures I don't have yet are the ones of the table centrepieces, I will post at a later date...

 Our Wedding Stationary - All designed and made by me, Paper sourced from Right Invite, Essendon. (Before I knew Di @ Paper and Style Co!)
 Pearl Poppy paper and Nude paper by Cristina Re, purchased from Right Invite
Above Photos by Me, rest is Will @ T-One Images!
 Seating Board - Mirror from Aldi
 Lolly 'Thank You Bags' From Bags'N'Tags, stickers printed at home.
 Silk Rose Sash (as previously posted) I made myself - Supplies from Spotlight.
 My amazing dress from Baccini & Hill
 The stunning bridesmaids dresses from Forever New
 Flowers made by the amazing Yvonne - one of the talented new family members

 Wishing well from Rogue Imports
 Super amazing and yummy cake by Angela, little icing flowers were made by moi..
 Oh the lolly buffet was a hit with the guests...Styled by the talented Yvonne, tags made by me... Lolly supplies from Wallies Lollies
 This stunning table is actaully at the reception house - Gardenhurst Receptions Essendon
My veil, which I could not find one anywhere like it so again I made it!
All photos by T-One Images.

This was my original inspiration board...  M x

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